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Stereo Audio for audio sharing (& adding audio sharing to 'Your Entire Screen' option)

After requesting audio sharing to discord it was implemented, and its great! But it is lacking a few features that would make it fantastic.
-Stereo audio
-Audio sharing when sharing entire screen

The audio is forced to mono when audio sharing, stereo is better in every way, and you could even make stereo a Nitro feature if you wanted. (But a free option would be awesome)

Right now you have to only share a specific 'Application Window' to share audio, and this does not allow people to see layered windows within software (main examples are when working on music the person cannot see VST windows) or right-click context menus

So a stereo audio setting and a way to select what audio source you want to share when sharing your entire screen would be fantastic, maybe even an option to share an entire audio output without looping the discord audio back through (like skype can do).

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