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Rules splash page, accesible in server menu

Many servers have a locked channel called #rules or the like for rules; however, this is a very non-ideal solution.


* Inflates channel numbers and annoys users on mobile,

* Creates problems when a coadmin needs to edit the rules - you will either constantly have to repost them or get the owner to edit them,

* Creates issues with readability on both very large and very small displays.

Not only that, but:

* Some users will simply NOT read a rules channel on a join, or they don't notice it for whatever reason.

* You may set the rules channel as the general, but this will have the downside of always booting your users to the rules page annoyingly whenever reloading Discord or moving to a new device.

* Creates readability issues - due to the difference in mobile and desktop markdown handling, you'll either end up with a large chunk of plaintext mess or something that fails to render correctly on one of the platforms.

* To put it simply, the current flow looks unprofessional and offers a poor experience.

For a service with many public facing, large chats, this may be essential.

My proposal:

* Each server can have a "Rules" page, accessible through the server dropdown menu at any time.

* When joining a new server, instead of having the modal, bring up a full splash page with the contents of the rules page, with buttons for joining or refusing to join.

* A role permission is needed to edit this page, but anyone with the permission may edit it.

* Rules pages should support near full markdown, with:
- Table formatting
- Header support
- Bullets and numbering
- Link markdown
- All the other markdown available in regular chat.

* (Unnecessary, but here for the record) Partners may be granted access to further formatting features, such as the ability to work with discord staff to create a welcome page using completely custom HTML.

If you have any suggestions or comments to add to this, please bring them to the comments of this post.

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