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Categories are awesome, but need a facelift!

With the new Categories feature, on both Desktop and Mobile, my channel's users all have complained that the categories just leave the channels cluttered, by adding more scrolling space, and the categories don't really stand out!

The best solution I could suggest would be to add style changes to the categories and channels to visual recognize each level of the overlay.

Category - Bolded, making it clear it's the "header" of the channels within.

Text Channel - regular font, and allow individual voice channels as sub channels indented visually! (ie voice lobby text, and voice lobby channel together with the text channel, so people with muted voice can communicate there and it doesn't confuse regular text chatters.)

Voice Channel - italicized font, and allow individual text channels as sub channels indented visually!

Love your product and your people!

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  • cchris/Deutscherkid commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Different styling to easily tell the different types of channels apart would be amazing for sure. I also would love to be able to change the spacing, as even with categories shrunk, it still takes up more than a full screen now on servers.

  • UserID10T commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Maybe even remove the default spaces between channels and categories, and give us spacers! Either empty spacers or Lined spacers would be awesome!

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