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Option to Block TOR Exit Nodes

It would be useful if you created an option to block users that use The Onion Router for spamming guilds. Lately there have been a few users that have decided to spam and be hateful on one that I'm part of. It would be nice if you could prevent users of the TOR service from accessing guilds. Maybe add a whitelist as well so a legitimate user could be allowed to use TOR by contacting a moderator outside Discord.

You can get a list if TOR exit nodes from the TOR project itself, as detailed here:

It would be nice if you could somehow query different spam services for other proxy services, but I'm not sure about services for IP addresses.

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    Just because it's happening doesn't mean you can't do something fairly simple to try and alleviate some of the spam. Plus with something like this in place you could block other problematic services easier.

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