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Save Server States

Imagine your server. It has around 100 members, everyone is talking happily. Until 5 or so people come on, all of their icons purge masks and start raiding and spamming the HELL out of it.

After you've banned the raiders, you're left with a destroyed, ruined server. You have to manually delete. Every. Message. (Or purge them, but finding the exact amount could take even longer).

What if you could save your server state, essentially making a save file of the server frozen in time. You could revert back, and your server is back to normal!

Just an idea.

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  • Captain - Kirby Main commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, lets say a staff member gets really angry and starts deleting channels. You should be able to save the state of what it is (auto-save too?) so after you can undo all of the actions that were done, very useful and that happened to me and I tell myself "I wish there were an option to undo all of this.."

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