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Track who joined through what invite.

Raids happen all the time. Public Discord server owners and staff team members know this. Sometimes raiders join from advertisements, and sometimes they are invited from users in the server. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see where these raiders joined from?

I would like a feature that would allow us to see what users joined on each invite, along with other sources, like the widget.

The way I imagine this to function would be that people with the permission may go into the instant invites page, then click on the invite that they wish to see who joined from it. List the users in pages of 10 users per page, which then can be flipped, sorting by who joined first as a descending list.

This feature would really help rid servers of raiders, and prevent further raids from happening. People who hide in servers just to invite raiders will then begin to think twice about inviting their friends to raid.

I know many people would like this idea implemented, so please share this around so that Discord becomes aware of this, and they realize that it's an essential feature to keep the platform safe.

This idea has been talked about every now and then. Let's make sure they listen this time.

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