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Video Call Focus and Layout Features

I have a group of 7 people that we play d&d with and we're trying to make an overlay that works well for streaming. We want to be able to see everyone's face at once, and discord is the only app that seems to do that, except the malware infested Skype. We want to use discord, but the layout can be rather static and uncustomizable. We were wondering if we could have a few quality of life features added so we can use discord as our primary app for communication.

- The ability to move the current callers' windows around as you please.
- Having them in the same position for all callers.
- Remembering the positions they were set in on previous calls.
- Being able to set the Focus option to focus latest participant.

Just one of these features could solve a lot of problems for us that we've been experiencing and we'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks!

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