How can we improve Discord?

Features targeted for business users

Developers must be aware by now, that their project become attractive to non-gamers auditory.

There was not much MODERN apps for teams communication: S4B (officially dying by now, 2019 is last release), MS Teams (new S4B paradigm/replacement), Slack... that's basically it. For business, crucial features, that Discord already have (and alternatives lost somehow) is:
1) Consistency. When you send message to Discord, you know, it's either delivered right now or you instantly know, that sending (not delivery, there no fails as long, as receivers have connection) failed.
2) Speed. Messages and notifications fly really fast.
3) Search. Reach and top-on-market model of search inside text channels.
4) Consistent companions naming. There is some flaws, if compare to MS products.
5) Information flow filtration. Individual notification settings for servers, channels, customization of groups for mentions and easy-manageble webhooks allow us to get only information we need, without reading every message.

So, it's time to developers to consider reach support for business users (mostly, IT-teams). As far as you have Partners and Verified programs, add paid Business server program. Payments will allow you to develop and support functions, that gamers don't really need:
1) Pay-once-for-all: Nitro functionality for all server users (only INSIDE server), without need to pay for everyone.
2) Improve in-server naming asap. Right now, we can rename users on server (and block ability to do it for yourself), when mention them in server-channels there is clear way to know, who is it. But when we got some DM, we basically see their own nickname and server-side naming as AKA. That must be changed. In DM (or friend-list) you must see personal defined name as main, server-side as alternative (or main, if there is no personal definition), and self-name last. Like this: DEVELOPER aka John (also known as xxxGODxxx). So, DMs in notifications will come from DEVELOPER (as defined by me) or John (if there is no definition). No need for AD or Azure AD integration, really, is's for MS-only users.
3) Company branding. Small favor :)
4) Remove (or define in settings) offline display limitations (for 100+ users teams).
5) Encrypted text and voice channels. Either by password or certificate.
6) Ability to hide server owner from every chat. We must still have ability to change access, but not see messages (as long, as not include herself in group with access). Right now we forced to register 2nd (offline most of time) account for this purpose.
7) Quotes with clickable original sender and ability to find fast message context (like in search).
8) Ability to select text chats server location. By ping and IP, looks like all of them in USA now.

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  • Reddbeard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Some sort of a theme for the Discord app to make it less obvi when using on a work computer would be great

  • Moog Da Mog commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Discord is stable and easy to use. I'd prefer a Discord for business over a Skype for business any day with those extra features.

  • Hans commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not sure about the: "Remove (or define in settings) offline display limitations (for 100+ users teams)."

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